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Do I need to buy a copy of the unit study for each child? Also, may I share the studies that I buy with friends?

When you buy our unit studies, you are buying interactive studies that can be used by every child in your house, and loaded on the computers, tablets, and smart phones that they will be using with the study. The EULA (End User License Agreement) that

Help - how can I get the links to work in the study?

First, make sure that you have downloaded the study to your laptop, desktop, or mobile device. Then, open the study using Adobe Reader, NOT the Preview default. To learn more, see the Answer to "What technology do I need to use these studies?" (above

What books will I need to use with these studies?

The primary resource for these studies is the Internet, no other books are required. A resource list is included in each study, should your child want to dig deeper into the topic.

How can I use the studies with multiple children?

We recommend that you save the study pdf on your computer, as a master file. Additionally, we suggest that you save a copy of the pdf with a file name that includes each child's name (i.e. Susie.Horses.pdf) so that each child can have his/her own fil

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